Great cast.

Without exploring all the details of plot and subplots, Christopher Nolan’s latest creation, Inception, tells the story of regret and redemption within the twists, turns and fantasy of a psychological thriller. Nolan tells a fantastic story about the shared experience of a dreamscape.

OK. So I was at an insightful, thoroughly engrossing movie…thinking about real estate. Again.  However, I was struck by the movie’s concept that the built environment is integral to our feelings of familiarity and integration into our surroundings. And isn’t that true. So much of what our minds process comes to us within the context of locations, buildings and rooms–so much so that we take it entirely for granted.

Nolan also suggests that people with limitless creativity would fill empty time and space with buildings. Perhaps this is a narrow view that is intended to advance the plot but there is some margin of truth there. Take a look around you. Buildings, residential and otherwise are everywhere!

All things considered, how often does an Architect role receive star billing in a summer blockbuster? Only when something as fundamental as our relationship to people and places are at stake. I’m already in line to see the sequel. Besides, couldn’t you just see Will Shatner doing a cameo as a REALTOR® in the next installment of this movie?

Be sure to give me a call if I have implanted the idea that you need to move!