For years throughout the last decade, we have seen the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) swell west of Toronto. As the housing market heated, it seemed that all roads led to the regions of Peel and Halton Hills. With this growth in popularity and population, the cost of property in those regions has increased in turn. In fact, it is not unusual for the most modest of detached 4 bed/3 bath homes in pockets of Mattamy’s Hawthorne Village in Milton to sell far above the half a million dollar mark. So, now that the days of affordability have run their course in the western GTA, many eyes are turning eastward–to one of the GTA’s last remaining under-priced gems, North Oshawa.

The area around Taunton Road north of olde Oshawa is seeing a growing share of expansion in recent years. This growth is due largely to over-development in other areas of the GTA, easy access to highways including the proposed expansion of Highway 407 eastward, affordable and available development lands, increased commercialization of main streets and supportive municipal policies.  There is great value to be found in resale property in the area. Where else can you find 4 bedroom/3+ bathroom detached homes on 45 foot fenced landscaped lots with finished basements for well under the six hundreds?

Whatever was once whispered about Oshawa’s motor city history or any similar folk tales are no longer relevant of this vibrant city just a half hour’s drive from Toronto. The overwhelming truth is that the GTA cannot afford to stigmatize any of its satellite cities so close to its core. After all, they aren’t making any more land, not even in Milton.

So, are you looking for a quick move into a newer home just minutes from the heart of Toronto? Are you still searching for more house at a lower price point? Oshawa might just be worth your drive. With the “416” area consistently pricing itself beyond the means of the general populace, Oshawa is shaping up to be the newest, most desirable destination in the “905” region!