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Brief reviews of all things educational technology. Equal doses of opinion, musings and general commentary on innovation as it applies to corporate knowledge management and the adult learning experience.

[Current Season: ADKAR and Andragogy]

Join me in our series as we take a look at the new and exciting world of ADKAR, as potentially applicable to the design, development and administration of learner experiences in organizations that holistically support change.


About your host

Hi, I’m Lisa, your presenter. Join me in discussions of all things EdTech. My experience in this area and the adjacent areas of Technical Communication and Learner Experience Design began over a decade ago as a writer of user instructions and developer of online help systems.

Today, I am more focused on exploring innovations in the world of adult learning. I enjoy creating online learning experiences, especially for consumers in corporate settings.  I maintain an enduring interest in applying design thinking to every learning product that I deliver. When I am not creating for business consumption, I enjoy working on enrichment courses in my community.

Lisa Hickling

Lisa Hickling

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